Fingerless gloves These fingerless gloves are warm and are very handy. They are double layeres and they fit you, well, like a glove, The outside shows horizontal stripes in knit. At the colour change you see indentations that give the knit side a padded look. The inside shows you stripes[…]

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Zigzag in Circles

A new Frullesk challenge awaits you! Corners and diagonals that grow on your needles while knitting in the round. Classy, flexible and with a woven look. This is not complicated to achieve with the Frullesk technique, if you like a nice rhythm and knit with two yarns on your left[…]

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Armor col

Armor – Shaped Cowl in Frullesk

This cowl goes further than your average cowl. The extension at the front follows the line of your neck without any bulk and it insulates as the knit ensures cold air does not pass through air holes. Instead it is sleek, stylish and fully protected. The cowl is knitted with[…]

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The First – Scarf in Frullesk

Hello winter, bring it on! With this gorgeous and warm scarf in Frullesk, you are always ready to shine. It’s a classic in the making. The herringbone-like pattern is visible on both sides. Frullesk is a new knitting technique that has this special woven look. Two versions The scarf is[…]

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Intro col

Intro – Cowl in Frullesk

This cowl is perfect to get acquainted with the new Frullesk technique. The pattern is created with a simple Frullesk stitch and is knitted in the round. The inside of the cowl is being dominated by one colour and on the outside you see a woven look of 2 yarns.[…]

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