Fingerless gloves

These fingerless gloves are warm and are very handy. They are double layeres and they fit you, well, like a glove,

The outside shows horizontal stripes in knit. At the colour change you see indentations that give the knit side a padded look. The inside shows you stripes in purl with clean transitions. Both in- and outside show a vertical stripe at the thumbside.

The pattern

The gloves are doube knitted with a hint of Frullesk. In the pattern of 7 pages you find a detailed description of the: cast-on, binding off, increasing, transitions and the hint of Frullesk. Just follow the pattern and before you know it, you will have a pair of handy mittlets.

Since there is only a bit of Frullesk in this pattern, you won’t be needing any foreknowledge of the technique and it’s also possible to knit these when you carry your yarns in both hands (no continental or combined method needed).

Available in sizes M, L, XL.


Choose yarn from Category 1: Superfine (sock or fingering) 2 x 50 gr. is enough for 2 gloves in size XL.