Duel – Beret

Cross needles and conquer! This beret is made with the Frullesk technique and therefore fully reversible: 1 x knitting = 2 berets, since every side has unique features.

8 panels & 2 gauges

Duel is knitted in the round and consists of 8 panels. These panels are separated by a separator stitch. 4 panels have diagonals stripes to the right, the other 4 have diagonal stripes to the left. The diagonals come together at the separator stitches resulting in a star pattern.

For this pattern you can choose between two gauges. You decide which suits you the best according to your test swatch.

During blocking you can emphasize the octagon shape by putting the beret on a mould in an octagon shape. You create a round mould if you want to smoothen the corners.

The beret is for heads with circumference of 54 to 60 cm (21.5 to 24 inch). The final size can be adjusted by lacing up elastic through the casing of the band.

Yarns used:

Version I (red/green):
The yarn used for the red/green version is from Hjelholt’s Uldspinderi, 1 tr. Farveskiftegarn. This yarn is warm, lustrous and has a long and subtle colour gradient.

Hjelholt’s Uldspinderi 1 tr. Farveskiftegarn, 400m/100g.
• Yarn A: nr. 14 Rouge mix (± 75 gr)
• Yarn B: nr. 15 Green mix (± 25 gr.)


Where to get this yarn?: look on the website of Hjelholts Uldspinderi.

Version II (red/blue):

This version is made with Finullgarn PT2 from Rauma. Two solid colours were used:

  • Yarn A: / dark jeans blue/nr. 443 (± 75 gr)
  • Yarn B: dark red/nr. 435  (± 25 gr)