Is this a cool scarf or what? And lovely warm as well! This Retro pattern gives you so much options: from small scarf to mega throw. Each row is worked with 2 colours. The frullesk technique is combined with an exciting stitch that creates slightly puffed up hexagons. The exciting stitch I call the Double Embrace, they connect the hexagons while adding a bit of bulge to the whole. The Double Embrace is fully explained, as is the cast-on, bind-off and selvedge stitches. The scarf is a gorgeous puzzle with exciting little challenges, so even knitting the test swatch is fun.

Nice challenge

This is nog a pattern for beginners but for experienced knitters who love expanding their skills. For this specific frullesk pattern it’s not essential to work with both yarns on you left hand (continental of combined method). When you prefer to work English style then that is no problem here.

This is a gorgeous, challenging scarf to knit and a big eye catcher once you are done!


Rowan Felted Tweed – 4 skeins for the main colour and 2 x 2 skeins for the contrast colours.