Zigzag in Circles

A new Frullesk challenge awaits you! Corners and diagonals that grow on your needles while knitting in the round. Classy, flexible and with a woven look. This is not complicated to achieve with the Frullesk technique, if you like a nice rhythm and knit with two yarns on your left hand (for example continental style), it’s even rather simple.

The pattern used for the edges also shows diagonals that are caused by the use of a simple cross stitch. At one band the diagonal lines slope to the right and at the other band they slope to the left.

The pattern

In the ‘Zigzag in Circles’ pattern the cowl is explained step by step; the used stitches, yarns, charts, etc. I also explain what to do when you want a different size. Perhaps you want to turn this frullesk-pattern into a nice skirt, it’s possible. It’s 8 pages long. The Frullesk technique is explained in detail in a seperate article ‘Introduction Frullesk’ that is added to the pattern. In it you find the details about this new technique, the preferred knitting method and how you can purl without any problems when working with two yarns on your left hand (combined method). (5 pages in total).

The yarn

This cowl can be made with yarn from category 1: Super Fine ( sock or fingering).
It’s the perfect occasion to use yarn from your favourite ‘indie dyer’. These people hand dye the yarn with a lot of love and attention, and therefore these skeins are often a piece of art on their own. For the Zigzag-cowl from the photos, I used yarn from ‘Atelier Lindelicht’. This is one of my favourite indie dyers in my home country the Netherlands. They sell their Lindewol at fairs and now on their website as well. They have much more than mentioned on their website, you can always contact them when you need something special.

One of the many great alternatives are the yarns of Jilly and Kiddles in Rhode Island, US. I would advise the ‘Smart Sock’ range. Not really ‘local’ for me but the yarn is yummy.

Pick two, mostly solid, colours or shades with a strong contrast.

How much do I need?

For this generous cowl I used 250 gr. of yarn in total: 190 gr. of the Amber and 60 gr. of the Amazonite. Despite the size of your cowl, the ratio will be around 75% yarn A and 25% yarn B.