Frullesk is a new technique and still under development. You could see it as a love child of Fair-Isle and Double Knitting. The technique combines the best features of both parents.

Family features:

  • Strong preference for knits and purls
  • 2 colours per row
  • Every stitch is worked
  • Boths sides are interesting

Unique qualities:

  • Strands run on both sides of the stitches
  • Woven look
  • Both sides are different
  • Every type of stitch has it’s own texture
  • Special knitting charts

This new knitting technique brings so many new options. So far 30 different frullesk stitches have been developed but this number will go up fast.

Every knitting pattern of WOOL NERD that uses Frullesk, comes with a detailed description of this new technique with photos and lots of tips.