New things need a proper explanation. With the Frullesk-patterns, you always find an article in which all basic principles of the technique are explained. But nothing beats a personal explanation, a live workshop that leads you through all the facets and lets you practice.
In autumn there will be an online workshop available too.

At the live workshops we, ofcourse, follow the rules of social distancing of the RIVM (1.5 meter distance, stay home when feeling sick).

Frullesk workshop in Amsterdam
Frullesk summer edition, 2. & 16. of August, Amsterdam

What will you be doing during the summer of 2020? You grab your knitting needles and expand your knitting horizon ofcours. In this workshop I teach you the basic principles of Frullesk and after this adventure you are capable of working your first Frullesk project. More info: Click here

There are two locations where you can participate in the workshops. Only in Amsterdam the workshop is offered in English as well.


Until the corona period the workshops took place in woolshop De Afstap in Amsterdam. This atmospheric room is, unfortunately, not coronaproof enough to accommodate an event for a group of people. That is why I now welcome the students at my place in Amsterdam, Slotervaart (60m2 in total). This location is spacious, bright, outside the city centre, easily accessible with public transport or car (free parking at sundays), and everything we need is available. There is room for 8 students and every student has an excellent place to work.
You can apply for the workshops in Amsterdam by sending an email to: Be so kind to mention the dates and the workshop in your message. You will then receive a registration confirmation with a payment request. The registration is final when the course fee is settled.

Joure – Friesland

In Joure I found an excellent spot at AJOURE breiboutique. A spacious shop with an amazing collection of quality yarns and haberdashery. When you have a thing for yarn, please take into account that a visit to this shop always takes an hour longer than you planned, since you want to see/feel it all.
If the workshop takes place on a sunday, you only have to share this shop with 8 other people during your personal shopping moment.
The workshops at this place are in Dutch. If you want to register for a workshop, please visit the website of Ajoure. Go to and click on Evenementen.
This is also the perfect base from where you can explore Friesland:
walking, cycling, boattrips,
places to stay,
places to eat