Frullesk, 2. & 16. of August, Amsterdam

* Summer edition*

Overview workshop

Location: Johan Huizingalaan 305, Amsterdam
Dates: 2 & 16 augustus (12:00 – 15.00 uur)
Duration: 2 lessons of 3 hours
Niveau: Advanced
Homework: Yes. Excersizes and small patterns.
Inclusive: Handouts, article about Frulles,, yarn to work with during the lessons, coffee/tea. Frullesk pattern.
Summer edition: We will be working with summer materials & if the weather allows it, we can work outside.
Building is wheeelchair accessible
Prize : € 95,- incl.
Languages: Dutch & English

Registration: you can sign up for this workshop by sending an email to Be so kind to mention the dates and the workshop in your message. You will then receive a registration confirmation with a payment request. The registration is final when the course fee is settled.

Workshop content

In the first lesson we almost directly start knitting. I introduce the most efficient knitting method for Frullesk. We practice with yarn tension, working order of the yarn and knitting charts. We start off with working with one yarn in your left hand and then expand to working with two yarns on your left hand. You never did this before? No problem, the basic principle of knitting doesn’t change, you only learn how to make them more efficient. You will discover how to keep the tension on your yarns without cramping your fingers. We also discuss the working order of the yarns and ‘yarn dominance’ myth.

You go home with homework assignments that help you to master the newly learned skills. During these 2 weeks you have access to a group app to ask questions and send/receive pictures/movies with more info.

At the beginning of the second lesson you are ready to Frullesk. We discuss the basic principles and try out different frullesk stitches. We also take a better look at the selvedge stitches, cast-ons and cast-offs that are a good match for frullesk. At the end of the workshop you receive a Frullesk pattern so you can immediately with your first Frullesk project.

Does this sound as a lot? It is. Can you do this? Oh, yes you can. Two sessions and two weeks long you have the opportunity to explore not only Frullesk but also your way of knitting. After this you picked up a new technique, got a broader knitting knowledge and tried out several options to make your knitting more efficient.

Welcome to my space!
Until the corona period the workshops took place in woolshop De Afstap in Amsterdam. This atmospheric room is, unfortunately, not coronaproof enough to accommodate an event for a group of people. That is why I now welcome the students at my place in Amsterdam, Slotervaart (60m2 in total). This location is spacious, bright, outside the city centre, easily accessible with public transport or car (free parking at sundays), and everything we need is available. There is room for 8 students and every student has an excellent place to work.